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Olive oil theme park

At the thematic park of olive oil, you can experience the metaphysics of olive oil. You will discover a universe of sensations, flavors, and aromas that will take you to the most authentic Catalonia.

Situated in the heart of les Garrigues

The thematic park of olive oil offers you a fascinating journey that will take you into the extraordinary world of olive oil. In these western lands, history and gastronomy come together in a very friendly way to offer you a unique experience you will want to enjoy with the people you love the most.

Three Areas to Immerse You in this Experience

Permanent exhibition

Taking advantage of giant medieval oil vats (the ancient rooms built by the Templars in the 13th century), the history of oil, regional ethnography associated with this crop, a beautiful collection of oil lamps representing fifty-two different countries, a vaulted cabin built with the original dry-stone technique, and a traditional 20th-century mill in full operation are displayed.

In our shop, you can also purchase oil from Les Garrigues, oil from our millennial olive trees (whenever available), and other products. Visits can be self-guided, with an audio guide, or with a guided tour, the latter must be booked in advance.

The TIQ room (inviting you to stay)

A place dedicated to contemplation, the expression of the senses, and inner enjoyment; a place where time stands still. Art exhibitions, extra-sensory oil tastings, lectures, oleotherapy sessions, and a whole range of cultural, gastronomic, and artistic activities, with the idea of going far beyond the physical reality that olive oil offers.

Escape room

At the olive oil theme park, you will become passionate about Les Garrigues and its olive trees with an unforgettable experience that you will want to share with your loved ones.

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